How To Create A Cricut Design Space Account And Install the Software On A Windows PC

Did you get a brand new Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas and are not sure where to start? Well today we are going to walk you through the basic steps of signing up and downloading Cricut Design Space to a Windows based PC. 

So first what is Design Space? Well Design Space is the name of the software from Cricut that allows you to create and design files your new Cricut will be able to understand and cut.

Okay so let's get cracking and get your new Design Space software installed!

(If you don't have your Cricut yet or are thinking about getting one you can download and play around with the software beforehand to give you a bit of a head start for when your Cricut does arrive.)

Downloading and Creating A Cricut account is very easy to do and is FREE to set up. You will want to head over to

Next thing you will want to do is hit the "DOWNLOAD BUTTON".

After you hit the download button just give it a minute or two until the download has finished. Once the download has finished go to your downloads folder on your PC and double click the Cricut Installer Icon.

Once the Cricut software has fully installed it will open a window and give you the opportunity to either use "Product Setup" or there is also an option to "Sign In". Okay so right now we are going to hit the "Sign In" button. 

Once you have hit the sign in button it will now have a sign in box for existing Cricut Account Holders and below that is a button that says "Create a Cricut ID". Go ahead and click on that button. 

This will now take you to the screen where you can create your brand new Cricut ID Account. It's very simple. Just fill out the boxes in that window. One tip I have here is to make sure you are careful putting in a password that you have picked as there is no "Repeat Password" box. If you do put in a password and cannot remember its easy to retrieve your account. Simply hit the "Forgot?" tab and it will guide you through resetting your password. 

Okay once you have filled in all the boxes and are ready to go. Click on the "Create ID" box. You should receive an email after you hit this button welcoming you to Cricut. 

Okay so now we have installed and created a Cricut ID the next step is to setup our brand new machine so that the computer will be able to recognize and send your awesome designs to be cut, drawn, scored or whatever it is you will be creating. So go ahead and hit the next button. 

The next screen will guide you with an arrow to the top right hand corner. So go ahead and click on "Machine".

Once you have hit the machine button it now gives you the chance to click on what type of machine family your Cricut belongs to. So if you have a Cricut Maker go ahead and click on Cricut Maker. If you have the Cricut Joy then click on "Cricut Joy. Likewise if you have a Cricut Explore Air 2 or a member of the Cricut Explore Air family then click on "Cricut Explore". 

Okay so now setup is complete and you can start to explore the world of Cricut Design Space. You can either create your own design or you can go ahead and make the sample project. 

From this screen you can access the menu on top left corner of the window. This will allow you to calibrate your machine. Setup a new machine and access other menu items and settings menu's. You can access the menu by clicking on the 3 small lines next to "HOME".

I hope this was an easy to follow guide. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for upcoming blogs which will guide you through Cricut projects and tips and tricks!

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